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Why Indian Parents Must Invest in The US Stock Markets!

New York City

If you intend to send your child abroad for education, you can get student loans at 5-6% interest rate because of your dollar investments vs the much higher student loan rate you would pay in India and also to make sure their education cost dosen't go up because of the dollar appreciating against the rupee by 6% on avg each year.

The US Technology index has outperformed every major index in the world. This should not be a surprise given the fact that every major innovation in the last 50 years have all come out the US. Whether it was the electric bulb, aeroplanes, internet, covid vaccine or artificial intelligence.

The adoption of technology products happens faster than any other product and hence technology stocks tend to rally the most. This is the reason why NASDAQ is outperforming all other countries.

Outside of the highest returns with lowest risk (because US has the best corporate governance standards), there is an another reason people should be looking to invest in US. That reason is a depreciating currency. If you are from India, Africa, Poland, Indonesia, Turkey or any country which has a constantly depreciating currency against the dollar, you should invest in US companies. When you invest in US companies your local currency gets converted to dollars and then you buy some shares of let’s say Apple. This is great because now you have turned your countries’ currency weakness into your strength. Not only will you make returns on the stock but will also make money on the dollar appreciation against your local currency. Indian rupee for example has been depreciating by approximately 6% a year against the dollar for the last 4 decades!


This especially makes sense if you have kids, who you would like to send abroad for education. College tuition fees have remained the same in the US at around $40,000 per year. But the numbers at 60 Rupees to the dollar look very different vs 84 to the dollar in 2023. Invest in US Stocks to make a double return on equity and currency. 

Our US investment product has been averaging 20% per year by investing in companies that are global monopolies like Apple and Nvidia. We tend to buy companies that have a monopoly on over 8 billion people. The funds remain in your account and you outsource the investment decisions to us. If you are keen on investing in global monopoly businesses give us a call or WhatsApp us at +91 89281 16923.


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